KSFFA Regional Fire School – Pottawatomie Twp/Franklin Co.

KSFFA Regional Fire School
Hosted by Pottawatomie Township/Franklin County
November 4-5, 2017
Location: Central Heights High School, 3521 Ellis Rd, Richmond, KS


Saturday Morning – November 4 – 8:00 a.m.

  1. Basic Skills of Firefighting (Skills Trailer) – 8 hours
  2. Engine Company Operations for Small Departments – 8 hours
  3. Rapid Intervention Teams – 12 hours – Full Turn Out Gear & SCBA Required
  4. Rural/Suburban Water Supplies – 8 hours
  5. Basic Rope Rescue – 8 hours

Sunday Morning – November 5 – 8:00 a.m.

  1. Rapid Intervention Teams, cont.
  2. Emergency Vehicle Operations – 4 hours
  3. Oil Tank Battery Fires – 4 hours
  4. Lessons Learned – 4 hours
  5. Fire Streams & Hose – 4 hours

Sunday Afternoon – November 5 – Noon

  1. KSFFA Burn Trailer

For more info contact:

Dan Romine, KSFFA Treasurer – (785) 231-7771 – ksffatreas@embarqmail.com or

James Savage, Pottawatomie Twp Fire Chief – (785) 418-3999 – pottfire@yahoo.com

  • These courses are offered at no charge.
  • These schools are open to all firefighters/EMS
  • The KSFFA furnishes medical insurance for all participants.
  • The KSFFA is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or equipment.
  • If you desire to have Firefighter One or Two testing, this must be pre-registered through Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute.
  • The KSFFA offers fit testing with its porta-count machine at all regional fire school.


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New radios approved for ACFD

By Cody Griesel
Cowley Courier Traveler – October 19, 2017

The Arkansas City Fire-EMS Department was given the OK to purchase five additional portable radios.

The Ark City commission approved the $16,569 purchase during its Tuesday night meeting. Ark City fire chief Bobby Wolfe told the commission that the radios actually came in less than the $20,000 budgeted. The department had previously purchased 10 of the Motorola portable units in 2015. The new units cost more than $300 less than the radios bought in 2015.

Wolfe said the purchase was part of the fire department’s scheduled replacement program and that his goal was to have one of the newer portable units for every paid firefighter in the department.

He added that Winfield and many other departments are using the same radios.

“They are the best radios for the money,” Wolfe said. “The Motorolas have worked really well … pretty much everyone is going to them.”

The radios are often used during fires to allow fire personnel to communicate with each other. Wolfe said the mic assembly is somewhat costly because of the systems involved that allow them to be used during a fire. The units are impact and heat resistant.

Vice-mayor Karen Welch and commissioner Charles Tweedy III both expressed their support of the purchase.

“Anytime we can make the fire department or police department’s jobs easier and safer we need to do it,” Tweedy said.


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26th Annual Neosho Rapids Haunted House


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First chili cook off, street dance set for Oct. 21

By Brooke Haas
McPherson Sentinel – October 19, 2017

Marquette is hosting its first-ever chili cook off and street dance on Oct. 21

The event is from 6 to 11 p.m. in downtown Marquette and offers something for everyone. Proceeds from the event are going toward the Marquette Fire Department and Marquette EMS.

No registration fee is required for chili cook-off entries and a $100 grand prize will be given to the winners.

Judging is conducted by patrons who purchase a $5 tasting kit.

Even though the event is in its first year, Braxton Best a coordinator of the event, said it will be a good time for everyone to benefit their local community.

“A couple of us got together and wanted to have a street dance and we thought it would be a good benefit for the fire department and EMS,” Best said.

The group wanted to give proceeds to a local organization and decided the fire department and EMS were a good option due to recently purchasing costly items.

“Any money will help,” Best explained.

The event offers fun activities like a chili cook-off, street dancing, a free pumpkin painting station, hot fudge Sundays, hot chocolate and coffee at the Marquette American Legion, a bake sale at the senior center and the boy scouts will be selling popcorn.

Free will donations can be given at the American Legion as a fundraiser for the American Legion Auxiliary.

At 8 p.m., Adam Capps will kick off the street dance, then Jaron Bell will provide modern country music through the evening.

Best is hopeful with success of this year’s event, it will continue in upcoming years.

“It’ll be a fun night for the whole family,” he said.

For more information to register, call or text Best at 785-819-0938.


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Fire Department hosts annual open house

By Katie Peterson
Fort Leavenworth Lamp – October 19, 2017

Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention Dean Turner shows Fire Prevention Week fire station open house attendees how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher. Photos by Fire Chief William Maciorowski

Firefighter Bryant Hall shows a family some technical rescue equipment during the Fire Prevention Week open house Oct. 11 at Fire Station No. 2.

Fire Inspector Craig Hurst and Firefighter William Stone help children out of the fire safety house during the open house event Oct. 11 at Fire Station No. 2.

Fire Lt. Mark Weishaubt and Firefighter Joshua Carroll grill hamburgers for open house guests Oct. 11 at Fire Station No. 2.

The Fort Leavenworth Fire Department hosted its third annual open house Oct. 11 at Fire Station No. 2 in honor of Fire Prevention Week.

Each year, Fire Prevention Week, started in 1922, is observed the Sunday through Saturday where Oct. 9 falls coinciding with the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire that burned Oct. 8-10, 1871.

The FLFD event consisted of food and door prizes provided by the Commissary, a fire simulation for children to practice using fire extinguishers to put out fires, a fire safety trailer and an opportunity to see the firetrucks, rescue boat, uniforms, equipment and tools used by the firefighters in all types of emergency response scenarios.

“It’s an opportunity for the public to come and interact with all our firefighters, see all the equipment and things we have for responding to emergencies here on post,” said Fire Chief Bill Maciorowski, “Also as part of Fire Prevention Week, we have different handouts for parents and kids, (and) we have the life safety trailer that kids can go through and practice escaping from a fire.”

Maciorowski said the open house gives the firefighters the opportunity to interact with the community as well.

“With this housing population with the college, it changes every year. So every year we get a new, fresh batch of people to come in and it’s an opportunity for us to interact with the Fort Leavenworth community,” Maciorowski said.

The 2017 theme for Fire Prevention Week is “Know Two Ways Out.”

“Each year, the National Fire Protection Association comes up with a theme for Fire Prevention Week. This week is ‘Know Two Ways Out,’” said Assistant Fire Chief Dean Turner, fire prevention chief. “Every person should know at least two ways out of whatever building you’re in, whether it’s an office building, at home or wherever.”

The fire safety trailer had a hot door simulation, working smoke detectors, a simulated smoke machine and a mock 911 phone operator so children and parents could practice their Exit Drill in the Home – EDITH, Turner said.

“The No. 1 cause of home fires is unattended cooking. That’s one of the things we enforce to people — staying in the kitchen when you’re cooking. Don’t get distracted by television, phone, or whatever,” Turner said.

The most important thing is having working smoke detectors throughout the home, Turner said.

“Every bedroom requires a working smoke detector, outside of every bedroom requires a working smoke detector and one on every floor,” he said. “Change the batteries every six months. We always push that on daylight saving time when we change the clocks forward and back to change the batteries in the smoke detectors as well.”

Holly Daniels, wife of Master Sgt. Louis Daniels of the Mission Command Training Program, said she thought all the different activities were a great way for their three children to learn about fire safety in a fun way.

“I think it’s great, especially when they give them the option to try the (fire safety trailer). It gives them a real life, what it’s going to be like if they did have a fire in the home. A lot of the kids have never gotten to play with the fire extinguisher so the simulant would be fun for them,” she said. “It just kind of opens their eyes about fire safety more, know the two ways out, (and) know you need to not hide in your closets like some children do.”

Alisha Daronco, who attended the open house with her husband, Capt. Andrew Daronco, a Command and General Staff Officer Course student, her mother and two children, said that it nurtured her son’s fascination with fire and first responders.

“I think making them aware of fire safety and demonstrations and just little boys being fascinated with fire that kind of nurtures his curiosity,” she said. “I think it helps kids want to help others and see that we have these resources in our community to help us.”

Daronco said that though her children are still young, having the open house creates the opportunity to talk with them about creating a fire plan for their home.

“For us, with our age, I think it’s good. I don’t think it would make or break a situation, but I think what it does is fosters a conversation at home so that we can have a fire plan, and it’s not just mom and dad saying you need to do this,” Daronco. “It’s remember the firefighters when we went to the fire station and all that and capture their attention a little bit more.”

Along with the open house, Fire Station No. 2 also hosted more than 700 children throughout the week from MacArthur, Bradley and Eisenhower elementary schools. During those visits, the firefighters showed the children a video, let them see a fire truck up close, demonstrated the gear worn by the firefighters, so that they are not afraid when they see them, and let them interact with “Sparky,” the fire department mascot.


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Dandelions, Rabbits and Grace

By Linda K. Cunningham
Clay Center Dispatch – September 21, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – October 19, 2017

Husband Dallas (Cunningham) served over eighteen of his twenty-four years with the City of Clay Center Fire Department as the Assistant Fire Chief.

There were two times that he assumed the role as Interim Fire Chief. First was the last two weeks of December, 2002, while retiring Fire Chief Jerry Dieker took vacation leave. The second time was by proclamation of Mayor Sharon J. Brown “Due to the death of Clay Center Fire Chief Jon Siemers on February 21, 2010, I hereby appoint Clay Center Assistant Fire Chief Dallas Cunningham to be Interim Fire Chief until further notice.”

A few weeks later (March 24, 2010) The Dispatch published an “Opinion” article titled Don’t delay in hiring fire chief by Ryan D. Wilson. It was during this time that the City proposed to the County to consider combining the Emergency Services with the EMS and Clay Center Fire Department. Mr. Wilson had the opinion that the City seemed to be waiting for a decision on that proposal before hiring a new Fire Chief. Mr. Wilson wrote “Interim Fire Chief Dallas Cunningham has done a stellar job of stepping up to the plate in the community’s time of need, but he’s made it very clear he doesn’t want the job. The city shouldn’t continue to leave him on a limb by taking no action to hire a new chief.”

As being privy to reliable insider information I can tell you that the main reason Dallas would not accept the position of Fire Chief was the requirement to have a residence within the City limits and Dallas did not want to move from his country home.

Two of the hardest days in Dallas’s career with the City of Clay Center Fire Department were April 6, 2004, when he served as casket bearer for Retired Fire Chief Jerry Dieker and February 26, 2010, when he again served as a casket bearer, this time for Fire Chief Jon Siemers.

Both deaths were untimely; both men had plans for the future. Jerry’s passing was not unanticipated. He had been battling cancer for several months. I recall Jerry considering this a blessing to be able to “prepare” leaving his family and friends. Jon’s passing came sudden and unexpected. Both Jerry and Jon were respected leaders and good examples as men of integrity and great faith.

Jerry’s daughter DeLaine composed a list of “The Top 10 Things You Should Know About My Dad” with number one being:

“The number one thing I want you to know about my dad is that he is a Christian. He raised his family in the church and this was extremely important to him. My dad tells me to trust God when I worry about him. He also believes in the power of prayer and tells me that I need to pray. Shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer he said to me that it was OK if he died because he knew where he was going. He told the surgeon in Tulsa that no matter what happened to him, he was going home.”


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Fire chief to participate to charity boxing event

By John Richmeier
Leavenworth Times – October 19, 2017

Leavenworth’s fire chief will be participating in a charity boxing event this weekend. But he won’t be boxing.

Chief Gary Birch will present trophy belts to firefighters who win bouts during the annual Guns N Hoses event. The event will feature bouts in which law enforcement officers from the Kansas City area box against area firefighters.

The event will take place at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Kansas City Convention Center’s Grand Ballroom, 301 W. 13th St. in Kansas City, Missouri. For ticket information, visit http://www.kansascitygunsnhoses.com

The event will raise money for the Surviving Spouses and Family Endowment Fund. The S.A.F.E. Fund provides financial support to families of public safety personnel who die in the line of duty.

The organization serves 10 counties in the region. Leavenworth County joined earlier this year.

“This is a good cause,” Birch said.

Birch said he was invited to participate in this year’s Guns N Hoses because Leavenworth County is a new member of the S.A.F.E. Fund.

The police chief of Raytown, Missouri, will present belts to police officers who win bouts during the event, according to Robb Yagmin, spokesman for Guns N Hoses.

Three years ago, a Leavenworth firefighter, Brandon Bernard, boxed in the Guns N Hoses event.

Birch said Bernard has since joined the Dallas Fire Department and boxed in a similar event in that community.


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Driver killed in crash

Leavenworth Times – October 19, 2017

A driver was killed Tuesday afternoon as a result of a collision at 20th Street and Eisenhower Road, a police spokesman said.

The crash was reported at 4:01 p.m. Tuesday.

H. Lee Forge, 84, Kansas City, Kansas, had been driving south on 20th Street in a 2017 Toyota Corolla.

He stopped at the Eisenhower Road intersection. But he apparently failed to yield the right of way as he proceeded into the intersection, according to Maj. Dan Nicodemus, deputy chief of the Leavenworth Police Department.

The Toyota Corolla collided with a 2006 Chevrolet C3500 pickup that was traveling west on Eisenhower Road.

Firefighters extricated Forge from his vehicle following the collision. He was pronounced dead a short time later, Nicodemus said.

The other driver, a 27-year-old rural Leavenworth man, suffered an arm injury.

Nicodemus said authorities have a lot of work to do before they complete their investigation. He said investigators do not suspect that intoxication was a factor, but standard testing should determine whether this was a factor.


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