Lewis Fire Department wins

By Norma Immroth
Edwards County Sentinel – July 17, 2013
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – August 12, 2013

lewis fire 8122013

The Kansas Pipeline Association presented a seminar on Feb. 6, 2013 in Kinsley for all first responders in Edwards and Pawnee County. Those attending were put into a drawing for the end of training sessions throughout the state of Kansas. From that drawing, the Lewis Fire Department was selected the winner and received a $1,000 check.

Not only did everyone whom attend got a free meal and some very viable information on the many pipelines that exists in Edwards County, but the first responders were informed on many safety precautions to beware for their own safety and public safety.

Members of the Lewis Fire Dept. are:

Jeff Ary, Fire Chief
Jaston T. Alvarez
Colten J. Ary
Jeffery L. Ary
Kevin J. Blevins
William G. Britton II
Andrew J. Britton
Dustin J. Bur
Aaron R. Cross
Scott M. Divis
Matthew L. Francis
Clark P. Greene
Manuel F. Holguin
Heath Katz
Mitchell F. Ketterl
Theron D. McKinney
Dylan R. McLean
Karen L. Miller
Bo S. Nelson
Troy D. Nelson
Ronald E. Sawyer
Michael L. Sebes
Adam M. Wheaton
Benjamin L. Wheaton
Charles E. Wheaton
Rick O. Williams


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