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Investigating possible arson

By Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe – January 7, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – January 30, 2015

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On Tuesday the Dodge City Fire Department responded to an apartment fire at 1318 Bristol Avenue that may have been deliberately set.

“We are investigating a possible arson,” Fire Captain Ken Spencer said. “That is all the information we have at this time.”

Prior to the fire, police were searching for an individual in the same location for an unknown circumstance. A fire then broke out in one of the apartments.

“One of the officers on scene got to the fire with a fire extinguisher,” Police Chief Craig Mellecker said. “He was able to contain it from getting worse as the fire department arrived.”

As the fire was being put out, other officers on scene did make an arrest.

“We do have a person in custody,” Mellecker said. “The subject was apprehended for various violations that were allegedly committed.

“We cannot release the person’s information pending further investigation from the fire department as well as our own.”

Fire call

Harvey County Independent – January 8, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – January 30, 2015

halstead fire 1302015

A structure fire in the 300 block of Poplar in Halstead created flames and a lot of smoke Monday before the Halstead Fire Department arrived and took care of things. The cause of the fire was unknown at the time and no one was injured.

Heat lamp blamed for rural house fire

Independence Daily Reporter – January 8, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – January 30, 2015

An electric heat lamp used to keep pipes from freezing is apparently to blame for a small structure fire at the Caleb Nichols residence, 3592 County Road 3600, that occurred at 4:43 p.m. Wednesday.

Bill Caflisch, the fire director of the Independence Division of the Montgomery County Rural Fire District No. 1, said a small area of the floor frame was smoking when firefighters arrived at the residence.

He said an electric heat lamp being used to keep pipes from freezing was the culprit and warned people to use extreme caution when thawing pipes or using space heaters to keep warm.

He said firefighters were forced to crawl under the house in order to put out the blaze.

He said the fire caused approximately $500 damage.

Car strikes four high school students in KCK

By Tony Rizzo
Kansas City Star – January 30, 2015

Photo by David Eulitt.

Photo by David Eulitt.

A vehicle struck four high school students about 2:35 p.m. Friday near a community center in Kansas City, Kan.

Ambulance crews reported that at least one of the students sustained critical injuries. The others sustained serious injuries. All four were taken to hospitals.

The students were standing on the north side of Troup Avenue when an eastbound vehicle crested a hill and hit them before veering into a yard and coming to rest near a fence, police said. The driver stayed at the scene.

It was unclear whether the students had been standing on the road or near it.

The incident happened near the Breidenthal Youth and Family Center in the 1200 block of Troup Avenue.

New fire chief gives report

By Rudy Taylor
Montgomery County Chronicle – January 8, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – January 30, 2015

Caney’s new fire chief, Tom Jones, was introduced at Monday’s Caney City Council, and he gave information about himself and the fire department.

Jones said he had been a Caney volunteer firefighter for 28 years and had lived in Caney since 1972. He graduated from Caney Valley High School in 1971. He and his wife, Brenda, have two children and two grandchildren.

Jones gave a year-end report to the council which indicated that the department currently has 16 firefighters and five auxiliary members.

The department went on 106 runs during 2014 including: 25 accidents with injuries; 20 EMS assists; 6 vehicle fires; 30 mutual aid calls; 4 grass fires; 1 accident with no injuries; 3 gas leaks; 3 structure fires, 6 mutual aid structure fires, 2 power lines, 1 search, 3 alarms and 2 storm watches.

Fire department to sell 1976-era truck

By Donna Celaya
Montgomery County Chronicle – January 8, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – January 30, 2015

cherryvale fire 1302015

The grand old lady of the fleet is being put out to pasture.

The Cherryvale Fire and Rescue Department received the Cherryvale City Council’s permission on Monday to sell its oldest rescue truck, a fully equipped 1976 Chevy Cheyenne C65 SWAB rescue vehicle.

Chief Jesse Reed said the truck is still a good one, with a generator, air cascade and double wenches with grapple hooks. On the downside, it seems to have a wiring issue that causes batteries to lose power every six months or so. It’s probably something that can be fixed by the right person, but it has plagued the CFR, leading to the truck being parked for most of the last couple of years, Reed said.

The chief received the council’s permission to sell the truck, either as a complete unit, or pieced out, whichever brings the highest price. Council directed Reed to check with the other city departments to see if they need any of the equipment.

Reed also presented his monthly report to the council on Monday. He said December was a slow month for the department, which answered two fire calls–one a structure fire and the other a stove fire.

The crew also handled 41 emergency medical calls involving 38 individuals, with 24 transports, 13 patient refusals and four other, such as no patient found, call canceled, or patient found dead at the scene.

The highest percentage of dispatches for the EMS unit were six falls, four chest pain, and three each: altered metal status, sick, and medical transport.

EMS responded within one minute of receiving the dispatch call 83 percent of the time, and within three minutes 90 percent of the time.

Councilor Kevin Crane asked Reed why it takes three minutes to get a crew out the door, when there are two people stationed at the fire house on each shift.

Reed said he understood the concern, and he would look into the circumstances. The department’s goal, he said, is to take as little time as possible to get crews out the door and on the scene to help people.

They arrived on the scene within five minutes 83 percent of the time, and within 10 minutes on every call. Eleven of the 41 calls were in the county, outside the city limits.

Reed said his department is working with Independence Fire Department in seeding a grant for new air and breathing packs and related equipment. The fire department’s long-range goals in the council’s equipment reserve plan also include obtaining a new ambulance in the next couple of years, valued at $37,100.

Fire damages local home on New Year’s Day

By Donna Celaya
Montgomery County Chronicle – January 8, 2015
Submitted by Newz Group Clipping Service – January 30, 2015

Click on photo to view full-size image.

Click on photo to view full-size image.

A local house fire that started in the vicinity of a woodburning stove on January 1 caused what the fire chief is describing, as “significant damage.”

The home at 616 E. Third was not declared a total loss, but did take on major damage. The occupants of the home were able to escape without injury.

Jesse Reed, Fire-Rescue Chief, said the local fire department was on a call at the scene of an accident at the junction of highways 169 and 400 north of Cherryvale on New Year’s Day when they received a call at about 3 p.m. to respond to a structure fire.

The owner of the residence at 616 E. Third made the 911 call, Reed said.

According to courthouse records, the property is owned by Henry and Sherry Jones.

“Our ambulance was on another call, so we got assistance from Independence EMS and from Cherryvale Rural Fire Department,” he said. “They followed us to the scene. When we arrived at the scene, all of the residents were outside the house except for the family’s bird. The bird was rescued by a member of Independence EMS.”

Reed said the home was insured and there were no injuries, although the structure sustained considerable smoke and fire damage. He said it is uncertain the exact cause of the blaze, but he is certain it started near a woodburning stove.

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