New Kan. Fire Marshal policy will change fundraising with fireworks

Hays Post – March 29, 2017

To enable charitable groups to better leverage the fund-raising potential of selling fireworks leading up to the upcoming Independence Day holiday, the Office of the State Fire Marshal has issued a policy statement which permits organizations to sell fireworks without requiring them to operate their own fireworks stand, according to a media release.

Until now, in order for an organization to generate fund-raising revenue through fireworks sales, they were required to operate a licensed fireworks stand.

This requirement prevented many organizations from selling fireworks because of the cost and manpower requirements of operating a fireworks stand.

As of Wednesday, organizations can now sell fireworks as a fundraiser as long as the delivery of fireworks to the purchaser occurs during the retail fireworks season of June 27 through July 5 as established by K.A.R. 22-6-5.


Posted by Gwen Dorr Romine, KSFFA Webmaster
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