Blaze destroys home

By Roger Bluhm
Dodge City Globe – April 4, 2017

Dodge City firefighters fought a blaze at the corner of Elm Street and E Avenue on Friday.

“It was at 1001 Avenue E,” said assistant chief Ken Spencer. “We made entry into the house, but we had to back out because the floor was beginning to give.

“So, we had to take defensive positions and fight the fire.”

Spencer said there were four to six people in the home when the fire was noticed.

“One tried to get things out and had to climb out a window,” Spencer said. “He waited a little too long and almost didn’t get out in time.

“I know they were trying to save whatever they could, but it’s important to get out of a burning building and know everything can be replaced.”

Spencer said the fire department spent about 3 hours battling the blaze.

“We got the call about 4:30 and left about 7:30 p.m.,” Spencer said. “The house is a total loss.


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