Stephens is Outstanding Colony Community Member

Anderson County Review – April 4, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – April 14, 2017

Paul Stephens began his work as part time field manager in 1987 for the Anderson County Rural Water District No. 5 at Colony. He began full time in 1999 and continues that service. The district organized 53 years ago in March 1964. Construction began on the water lines fall of 1974 and completed the spring of 1976. District Board members are David Regehr, president, Randy Bunnel, vice-president, Kendall McGhee, Eugene Anderson, Randy West, Vance Beebe, Steve Weatherman, Randy West and Lance Ramsey.

Stephens also serves in the Colony Fire Department beginning in 1985. Today he is Assistant Fire Chief and is not only a firefighter but trained and serves as an Emergency Medical Technician, a Swift water rescue team member and a dive team member.


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