KSFFA Regional Fire School – Ellis County

KSFFA Regional Fire School
Hosted by Ellis County Fire Department
August 5-6, 2017
Location: Hays High School, 2301 E 13th St., Hays, KS

August 5th – Saturday Morning – 0800

  1. RIT – 12 hrs.
  2. Rural Water Supply – 8 hrs.
  3. Safety Officer – 8 hrs.
  4. Chief Officer – 8 hrs.
  5. Vehicle Extrication – 8 hrs.
  6. Vehicle Fires

August 5th – Saturday Afternoon – 1300

  1. RIT, cont.
  2. Rural Water Supply, cont.
  3. Safety Officer, cont.
  4. Chief Officer, cont.
  5. Vehicle Extrication, cont.
  6. Firefighter Rehabilitation, 4 hrs.

August 6th – Sunday Morning – 0800

  1. RIT, cont.
  2. Wildland Firefighting, 4 hrs.
  3. Oil Tank Battery Fires, 4 hrs.
  4. Forcible Entry, 4 hrs.

August 6th – Sunday Afternoon – 1200

  1. KSFFA Burn Trailer

**Lunch will be provided on-site Saturday. Please RSVP to Chief Darin Myers if needing a meal. There will be a BBQ Saturday night. Social starts at 1800 hrs with the meal being served at 1830 hrs.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact the following:

Chief Darin Myers
Ellis County Fire Department


KSFFA NW Trustee Justin Couse

  • These courses are offered at no charge.
  • These schools are open to all firefighters/EMS
  • The KSFFA furnishes medical insurance for all participants.
  • The KSFFA is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or equipment.
  • If you desire to have Firefighter One or Two testing, this must be pre-registered through Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute.
  • The KSFFA offers fit testing with its porta-count machine at all regional fire school.


Posted by Gwen Dorr Romine, KSFFA Webmaster
KSFFA’s Fire News Blog Home Page

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