Sunday fire takes barn

By Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Globe – June 13, 2017

Photo by Kelly King/King’s Portrait Studio. Click on photo to view full-size.

At approximately 5:05 p.m. on Sunday, members of the Ford County Fire Department battled a barn fire for more than an hour.

The barn was located at 10663 W. Highway 50.

“The cause is still under investigation,” Ford County Fire Chief Robert Boyd said. “We battled the fire for about an hour and was completed at around 8:30 p.m.

“There were some injuries but none were fatal. The property did have some horses that were injured but to what extent I am not sure.”

Four fire stations were dispatched to the fire and one fire fighter was taken to Western Plains Medical Complex due to heat related issues.

“We could only fight the fire in 15 minute intervals,” Boyd said. “The heat was a major issue.”

According to the Ford County Fire and EMS Facebook page, the fire fighters battled the barn fire with temperatures in the upper 90s.


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