Firefighters put out fence fire

Oberlin Herald – July 5, 2017
Submitted by Newz Group – July 11, 2017

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A fire Wednesday afternoon left a large hole in a wood fence and scorched a medium-size tree but was put out with buckets of water before firemen could arrive. Apparently the garden hose available wasn’t long enough.

Oberlin firefighters were called to 803 E. Jackson Street at 4 p.m. last Tuesday when ashes poured out of a portable burn pit the night before apparently set fire to a fence belonging to Neal and Joy Russell, whose property at 612 E. Ash Street backs up on the property on Jackson.

Fire Chief Bill Cathcart said that he and two other firemen, Aaron Ploussard and Jerry Stein, answered the call in the city pumper. An Oberlin police officer and a Decatur County ambulance crew also answered the call, but there was little traffic and no injuries.

Chief Cathcart said that he didn’t know what it would cost to fix the tree, but he hoped that the tree, which grows right beside the fence on the Russells’ side, would recover.

Especially since this is prime barbecue season, Chief Cathcart said, he wants to remind everyone to wet down all ashes and leftover briquets before throwing them out, even if you think they are all out.


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