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City of Hays Firefighter Training

Press Release: City of Hays Firefighter Training

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, September 25, 26 & 27 from 9 AM to 12 PM, City of Hays firefighters will be practicing the procedures to attack a large fire. This training will be conducted at Aubel-Bickle Park on Sherman Avenue between 27th Street Terrace and 29th Street. Traffic will be restricted in this area. The public is invited to observe.

This training tests the ability of the five on-duty firefighters to quickly place large fire streams at work to control a building fire or keep such a fire from spreading to other buildings.

The City of Hays Fire Department policy is to conserve water as practical while maintaining the capabilities to respond to emergencies. By conducting this training in the park, the water is also being used to help maintain the grass and other landscaping.


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One person killed after crash near Johnson County Community College

By Chris Oberholtz
KCTV 5 – September 22, 2017

One person has died after a crash near Johnson County Community College.

Overland Park police responded to an injury accident at 11:16 a.m. Friday on College Boulevard at Westgate involving two vehicles.

Investigators say one vehicle was traveling west on College Boulevard approaching Westgate. A second vehicle was south on Westgate and entered the intersection on a green light.

The vehicle heading west did not stop at the red light and struck the southbound vehicle in the intersection, police say.

Occupants of the southbound vehicle were both taken to an area hospital. The driver of the westbound vehicle died from their injuries.

The Overland Park Traffic Safety Unit says they will continue to investigate the wreck.


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Mac first responders forming support team

By Patricia Middleton
McPherson Sentinel – September 22, 2017

Work is underway to facilitate the formation of a countywide Critical Incident Stress Management Support Team.

According to the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, a CISM Support Team implements methods to assist first responders and others involved in critical events during which they incur emotional and physical stress.

“CISM is a process that enables peers to help their peers understand problems that might occur after an event. This process also helps people prepare to continue to perform their services or in some cases return to a normal lifestyle,” ICISF’s website states.

“I think this is very important for first responders,” said McPherson Police Department Executive Sgt. Mark Brinck.

Representatives from agencies across McPherson County, including McPherson County Communications/911, McPherson Emergency Medical Services, McPherson County Sheriff’s Office, McPherson Police Department and fire departments from Galva, Marquette and McPherson have met to discuss plans for the team.

The planning meetings, which were initiated and organized by Julie McClure, Director of McPherson Emergency Management/Communications, allowed interested members to start formulating policies and procedures for the CISM Support Team, as well as identifying individuals within each agency willing to volunteer to take part.

After volunteers are selected, they will be required to complete specialized training.

While training requirement policies have not yet been finalized, volunteers for CISM Support Teams are typically asked to successfully complete courses such as Assisting Individuals in Crisis or Group Crisis Intervention Training.

Future meetings are planned to discuss establishing policy and identifying opportunities for new team members to attend training to become certified in CISM.

The McPherson Police Department currently has two certified CISM and Peer Support Team members — Brinck and Chaplain Dick Reynolds.

In the past, CISM team members have been deployed at the request of any first responder agency, or individual, who has been involved in a critical incident while on the job.

It will take a variety of resources to create and aid the operations of the CISM Support Team.

Finding volunteers who have the desire and passion to help other first responders is the first priority of forming a CISM Support Team. Being a part of the team requires volunteers to complete the required training and participate in meetings and CISM activities, in addition to their usual duties.

Financial resources will be required to meet training expenses, which may include the cost of the training, travel expenses, lodging and meals.

Physical resources to give out during crisis interventions such as handouts, pamphlets and flyers will provide a way for people to refer back to crucial information.

Initial funding for the CISM Support Team has been identified, but additional funding will be necessary to maintain the team as a viable resource to first responders in the future.

“I hope we’re able to get the team up and going and get it maintained so first responders can provide services for our communities,” Brinck said.


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Crash, fire kills man on Haven Road

By Michael Stavola
Hutchinson News – September 22, 2017

A man driving at a high rate of speed died this afternoon, when his car crashed, rolled into a ditch and caught fire on Haven Road at U.S. 50.

The Kansas Highway Patrol said the driver of a silver Mercedes had been clocked going 95 mph traveling north on Haven Road.

The car appears to have run a stop sign, crashed into the side of an empty tractor trailer, sending it into the ditch, where it caught fire, a trooper said. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the truck, Carlin Becker, 32, of Texas, was not injured.


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Retiring Topeka firefighters recognized

By Luke Ranker
Topeka Capital Journal – September 22, 2017

Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast speaks Friday at a ceremony recognizing retiring Topeka firefighters. (Luke Ranker/The Capital-Journal)

The “bread and butter calls” dominate a firefighter’s day, said retiring Topeka Fire Department shift commander Todd Williams, but those are often the calls that matter most.

Williams recalled one of those “bread and butter” calls Friday after a ceremony recognizing him and five other retiring firefighters. At a traffic light about 10 years ago he spotted a woman in a neighboring car “waving like crazy.” An asthma attack had overcome her, he said, and she was trying to driver herself to the hospital. He and other firefighters helped her until an ambulance arrived. Many years later the woman’s granddaughter spotted Williams at a local Sonic and told his photo decorated the woman’s refrigerator.

“That’s one of those calls I’d forgotten, but she said I saved her grandmother’s life,” he said. “We talk about the fires and the crashes, and we forget about all the other daily calls. To the people you help it’s not just another day at the office. It could be one the scariest times of their life.”

Chief Craig Duke stressed the importance of family . The fire department is a family, he said, but the family at home provides the most support. Often a firefighter’s job “isn’t always fun.”

“They bring that home with them,” he said. “It’s your job to bring them back down to earth so they can come back to work.”

Each firefighter recognized Friday received recognition from Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast. Those firefighters were:

Shift Commander Todd R. Williams
Shift Commander Andrew T. Hales
Captain John S. Medrano
Captain Kevin S. Strole
Captain John R. Miller
Captain James P. Seichepine
Captain Robert L. Hillebert, Jr.
Becky Bahr was recognized for her late husband Captain Gregg A. Bahr. He died June 6.


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Linn Valley man killed in wreck near Paola on Thursday

By Brian McCauley
Miami County Republic – September 22, 2017

An 84-year-old Linn Valley resident was killed Thursday in a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of 311th Street and Baptiste Drive near the Paola city limits.

According to a Miami County Sheriff’s Office news release, Jennifer Doherty of Paola was driving a 2011 Dodge Avenger west on 311th Street approaching Baptiste Drive at 7:25 p.m. Thursday while a 2012 Toyota Prius driven by 84-year-old Harold Dean Pease was stopped at the intersection.

Pease reportedly attempted to make a left turn from Baptiste Drive onto 311th Street and pulled out in front of the Dodge Avenger, which hit the Toyota Prius, according to the release.

Pease died at the scene. His passenger, Norma Pease of Linn Valley, and Doherty both suffered minor injuries and were transported to local hospitals.

Units from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, Paola Police Department, Miami County Emergency Medical Services and Paola Fire Department responded to the scene.

The accident is still under investigation by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and the Johnson County Accident Team, according to the release.


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Pipeline explodes southwest of the metro

FOX 4 – September 22, 2017

FOX 4 Video

Southern Star Central confirmed that a pipeline exploded around 6:45 on Friday morning, and it is still investigating the cause. This happened in the Welda Storage field, which is about an hour-and-a-half southwest of the metro.

The natural gas company says that no one was hurt and no property was affected. FOX 4 was sent video of the aftermath of the explosion by Stacie McDaniel in Garnett.

The gas company says its employees worked in conjunction with emergency crews to bring the fire under control. It is still investigating the cause of the explosion.


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